The Winning Financial Solution
For Your Startup

We provide the complete financial solution
for start-ups from seed to stock issue

We'll build the perfect infrastructure for you and manage all financial aspects of your start-up to allow you to focus primarily on business development. Our finance department consists of highly experienced staff that will guide you through all stages of business and financial development: business plan, budget, funding, ongoing financial management and professional guidance throughout the exit process.

Over the last 15 years, we have served dozens of companies,
including customers such as:

Leading You To Success

Everything your start-up needs in the financial sector - personal treatment tailored to your needs

Outsourcing services for high-tech companies and a wide range of advanced financial services:
CFO / Controller financial management services, payroll accounting and bookkeeping for clients who do not need a full-time CFO / accountant / bookkeeper.

Your Finance Department From the word go

Efficient and professional solutions for all required financial functions: CFO, accountant, bookkeeper, etc. at the scope adapted to your needs. We build a team that grows with you and provides a comprehensive response to needs at every level.

Proven Experience in Guiding Companies
From The Word GO

We will assist you with business plan development, raise capital and create investor relations, obtain scientific funding and foreign funds.

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